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Sequence of Operations

A Transjam session involves these operations:

Logging In

A client logs into the server with a user name. The client may be rejected if the server is full. The desired type of activity, ie. tic-tac-toe, chess, music jam, etc., is given to the server using a unique name. If the server accepts the client then the client will be placed in a lobby with other users performing the sameactivity. So a new chess player will be put in the chess player lobby.

Choosing a Room

When a client is in a lobby they can create a new room, or join an existing room. Each room contains one or more clients who can communicate or play together. The client software can specify the maximum number of people in a room. For chess that would be two.

Inside a Room

Once inside a room, the client can chat or exchange information with the other players in a room. When the client exits a room, they can  either log out directly, or go back to the lobby and join a new room.

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