Aperture by John Bischoff

This Applet allows up to four players to jam together using the Transjam Server. The sound is generated using JSyn.
Note: Applets are no longer supported in web browsers. So click here for instructions on Downloading the executable JAR file.

How to Login to Server

  1. Warning: Netscape will restart the Applet if you resize this window. This will log you out. So please resize your window if necessary before logging in.
  2. Please wait for the Applet to load. When you you see the Java icon, click on it. It gets stuck there lately.
  3. When you see the Login Window appear, then it is ready for use.
  4. Enter your name or a nickname. Hit Login button.
  5. Create a new room, or enter an existing room if available.

Composition by John Bischoff with help on Sound Programming from Phil Burk. Network Programming by Phil Burk.

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How to Play

  • Click down in the "Aperture" window and drag the mouse. Your
    sound in this piece is created by a rapid looping mechanism that
    reads forward and back through a very short slice (i.e. the
    'aperture') of a sound file.
  • Mouse down randomly picks a new sound file from nine
    available and starts your sound; mouse up stops your sound.
  • Horizontal motion sets the location of the aperture within
    the sound file.
  • Vertical motion changes your loudness.
  • In addition to rapid motions across the entire sound file,
    try the smallest possible motions at the edges of amplitude
    peaks for an interesting area to explore. Also note that some
    horizontal motions add or subtract small amounts of musical
    noise or alter the width of the aperture as you play.