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TransJam Features

The Transjam server allow interaction between multiple people who are accessing web sites on the same machine. Interaction may consist of chatting, game play, music performance, collaborative design, etc.


  • Runs on the same computer as the HTTP web server.
  • Portable 100% Pure Java. Runs on any platform that supports JDK 1.3.
  • One server can support multiple applications simultaneously, for example BOTH chess and checkers.


  • Client software may be written in 100% pure Java and will therefore run on almost any home computer.
  • Client software determines the nature of the application. The server is generic and simply provides application neutral interaction services to the clients.
  • Layered client APIs simplify the development of games and other Applets for Transjam.


  • Server licenses that allow up to 10 users for development and evaluation purposes are free.
  • Licenses that allow more users, and site licenses are available for a fee.

User Experience

  • Users can interact with other users through the Transjam server.
  • Users can chat with each other at any time if the application allows it.
  • Messages are generally very small so response time is quick.
  • Users can schedule a time to come back and meet others.


  • Server can be administered remotely using a special password protected administration Applet.
  • Query and display number of current, accepted, denied and maximum clients.
  • Broadcast message to all clients logged in.
  • Can invoke a timed shutdown of the server with a countdown broadcast to all users.

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